A Unique Retirement Location in Florida

The Villages Florida is a massive and unique location for retirement. It began in 1980 and has grown to be a very active retirement community for people fifty-five years of age and over. The space now covers three counties and consists of several small villages in florida located in the center of the state. The community is close to major cities and beaches but far enough away to be quiet, have one of the lowest crime rates in the country, and have activities to suit every preference.

Relocation Information

People interested in learning about the villages can find a wealth of information on the official website called talk of the villages. There are tutorials, videos, and relocation guides that include everything retirees need to know. Classifieds and real estate tabs are a great way to discover what houses are for sale or rent and how to get the most common mode of transportation within the community which is a golf cart. Registration for posting items in classifieds and comments in forums is free.


A golf cart will be convenient because there are thirty-nine executive and twelve championship golf courses. The courses are only out-numbered by the one-hundred pickle-ball courts to accommodate the biggest sport played in the villages. Fishing, shuffleboard, biking, hiking, and other sports are available as well. Try something new or continue with an existing hobby. There is a Village Regional Hospital to tend to any injuries old or new.

Having Fun

The area does not have a designated downtown, but there are three village squares that each have a movie theater, night life hot-spots, and several restaurants. A calendar of activities and events is posted on the activities page of the website. Pets are welcome and residents will be delighted to take note of the dog parks, walking paths, and pet-friendly businesses found everywhere.


Local and county police officers keep the area safe and there is a public safety department to take care of emergencies. People must meet the fifty-five-year-old requirement to live in the community, but children, grandchildren, friends, and family members are allowed for visits. The area is growing constantly so new housing is being built, new businesses are opening, and there is plenty of room for those wishing to relocate. Visit http://www.talkofthevillages.com to get an idea of all that awaits retirees. Escape the cold, the noise of the city, and the hectic lifestyle to relax and meet new people in a warm climate and quiet setting.


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